Julie Ellison


Therapist, Teacher, Traveller

The one constant driver throughout my life has been to understand myself and grow on a psychological and spiritual level. Long before I knew there was such a thing as gnosticism, this felt like an absolute imperative for me. I have made mistakes, repeated experiences and revisited many issues, each time peeling away another layer and seeing things on a deeper level. 

I've always had an intuitive understanding that becoming consciously aware of why I act and think the way I do, developing my own integrity and morality away from family, social, cultural and religious norms, is a vital part of that process.

But also, we are a continuing work in progress, each experience (or lesson), gives us an opportunity to untangle ourselves from our past and continue on our journey back to our authentic self.

Whether it be learning to manage stress better, healing the trauma of past events or understanding the relationships we have with others, each is an important step towards overcoming our psychological limitations and providing the fertile ground for developing "gnosis" the basic premise of which is "know thyself" When all of our layers have been removed, what is left? 

My Qualifications and Associate Bodies include 

The Healing Trust Healer training programme - Parts 1-4

Diploma Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Master Practitioner Meridian Therapies

MA Social Sciences

BSc(Hons) Psychology

National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists