We learn, heal and grow in different ways and at different points in our journey.

You may chose to use a combination of therapies, or focus only on one. 


Includes counselling and psychotherapy.

Talking forms the basis of expressing, exploring and resolving issues.

Not tied to any particular school of thought, I use a variety of methods to help you understand yourself and your circumstances, better. ​


A therapy in which the creativity of the mind is used to help you overcome your difficulties and  assist you in making beneficial changes.. 


Is based on the belief that a vital energy flows both through the human body and throughout the Universe.

During a healin​g session, this Universal energy is channelled through to you to help restore balance in mind body and spirit.

Meridian therapy (tapping, or EFT) uses the body's meridians or energy points to alleviate discomfort and distress. 


Meditation and mindfulness can take many forms but all have the goal of improving focused attention and awareness. 

The benefits of regular practice are reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, and an ability to view yourself and the world with a new perspective. 

Sessions are charged on a sliding scale dependent on income

Annual ​Salary £25k+

£50 per hour 

Annual Salary Below £25k

£35 per hour 

Annual Salary Below £11,500

£25 per hour

A £15 non refundable deposit is payable per session.

Cancellation charges apply.

Full terms and conditions are available here