Terms and Conditions


Sessions are charged on a sliding scale as follows:

Annual salary £25k and over - £50

Annual salary below £25k - £35

Annual salary/unwaged/benefits below £11,500 - £25

You will be asked to provide proof of income to receive a reduced rate and please note that PLACES ARE LIMITED.

I charge a £15 non refundable deposit per session which is payable by bank transfer at least 24 hours before your session time. Your session will be cancelled if you deposit is not received.

If you attend all your sessions, your final session will be reduced by the £15 fee.

Fees are payable at the end of each session by bank transfer, cash, or cheque made payable to “Julie Ellison.” Payments are by invoice for company/agency schemes etc. and are payable within 28 days. Burnley Counselling Services operates a zero tolerance policy on late payments. Interest will be charged on all outstanding commercial invoices.


If you have to rearrange your appointment, providing you have let me know more than 24 hours in advance, I will transfer your deposit over to your next session. If you cancel your session with less than 24 hours notice, you will lose your deposit.

If you fail to attend you will lose your deposit and I reserve the right to charge you the full session fee.

If you have cancelled or rearranged on more than two occasions, I will discuss with you whether it's appropriate for your treatment to continue.


The content of our sessions is confidential to you the client and to me the therapist, although I will need to discuss our work with my clinical supervisor.

In exceptional circumstances, where I am concerned for your well being, or that of others, I may find it necessary to seek help outside the therapeutic relationship; I would always and in the first instance seek to gain your agreement to this. You may have given me details of your doctor, but I would not communicate with him or her without a full discussion with you first. I would however expect you to tell me about any medication you may be given and about any ‘other help’ you may receive during our therapeutic treatment.

In the case of a disclosure concerning acts of terrorism under the terrorism act, proceeds of crime act, or acts specific to the children’s act, confidentiality will be broken and such disclosures will be passed onto the relevant authority without delay.

I may make brief notes after each session. These will be kept in accordance with GDPR. These are purely to help me in my work with you, they are disclosed to no one, other than to my clinical supervisor if necessary. These notes will be securely stored.

ZOOM and Telephone Sessions

Please ensure you return your therapeutic contract at least 24 hours before your session time along with your deposit.

Please ensure you are in a quiet, private place where nobody can hear you, or disturb you. You may wish to use headphones. If I deem that the setting is not sufficiently private, I reserve the right to terminate the session and fees may still be payable.

Recording of the session is forbidden without prior consent of both parties to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

For telephone sessions, I will call you at the pre-arranged time, if you are unavailable, I will try again after 5 minutes. If you are still unavailable, your session will be classed as a cancellation and charges will apply.

For Zoom sessions, please ensure you familiarise yourself with the Zoom application before your session.

It is recommended that you use a private computer, not a public or work one and ensure that your security software is up to date.

Should we experience any interruption in internet connection or other technical breakdown during your session, I will contact you on the phone number provided and we may continue your session this way if appropriate.


As a private practice, my services do not include emergency treatment. If you have thoughts of harming yourself and/or others, which you feel unable to manage, please contact your GP or local Mental Health Care Team.

Clients Aged 13-17 years Inclusive

Separate Terms and Conditions apply – please contact me for details